The Moskstraumen Whirlpool - Arctic Swim Sketch

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This sketch was created the day after the artist and his brothers swam across the Moskstraumen Whirlpool, the largest in the world. It took them 2 hours and 20 minutes to cross the 8.5km distance, in water that was 9 degrees Celsius. The brothers were the first people in history to ever attempt this swim. 

Located near the Lofoten Islands in Norway, inside the Arctic circle, the scenery is unforgettable. They took a boat out to the far side, then swam back across the maelstrom to reach the end point on the mainland at Helle.

During the boat ride out to the starting point, Sea Eagles hunted in the waters and there had even been an Orca Pod sighted the previous day.  

The artist wanted this drawing to capture the power of the shifting tides, the numbing cold and the exhilaration of diving into and swimming across this magnificent stretch of water. 

Moskstraumen Whirlpool Artwork by Robbie Wild Hudson


  • Materials: Ink, graphite and felt tip pen on paper
  • Size: A5 
  • Unframed

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