Pooley Bridge Lake Ullswater Painting

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This large abstract landscape painting is an artistic mapping of a 6-hour swim through the deep and fresh waters of Lake Ullswater. The colourful, triangular sails of the boats are woven into lines, marking swims and journeys like routes on a map, that cross the watery surface of the canvas.

The organic forms were created by allowing water from the lake itself to flow across the canvas, tying the abstract landscape painting closer to its Lake District subject.

Swimming Lake Ullswater Art Project

The Artist believes that in order to see a landscape in a new way, you must experience it from a different perspective. Wild Swimming offers such a viewpoint, allowing you to “get under the skin of things” in the words of Roger Deakin. Swimming through this landscape provided this unique perspective for the Artist, and for the Artworks that resulted from this project map that experience.

The 12 km / 7.5-mile swim took 6 hours to complete, from Glenridding to Pooley Bridge.

Pooley Bridge Lake Ullswater Painting by Robbie Wild Hudson


  • Abstract landscape painting
  • Materials: Gouache, acrylic and pencil on premium canvas stretched over board. Water from Lake Ullswater.
  • Size: ? cm
  • Unframed

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